What’s New

Step-by-Step English

Take tiny steps in our new “Step-by-Step” section. This section is not finished. The first lessons are building blocks for English sentences.

Find our Step-by-Step English here.

  • Look at each lesson.
  • Take the pre-test.
  • Consider if you know the lesson already.
  • If you want a little help, study the lesson.
  • Take the post-test.
  • Celebrate your new knowledge.

With your new English knowledge, perhaps you would purchase time with a native speaker to practice your English. Click the link here. In any event, there are lots of materials, lots of ways to learn and practice English for free on this website. Enjoy!

Consider writing a comment here. Tell me if this website is helpful. Ask me a question. I’d love to hear from you.

Find Step-by-Step English here.

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